Life with MK-2866 Documented: Positivity at its Finest

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MK-2866, or Ostarine, is a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM developed by GTx, Inc. Although details on its components are still to be made public, there are already feed backs from those who use this chemical, and these are mostly positive.

Taking 20 mg a day, one user had trouble sleeping during the first four nights, but after that period he no longer experienced such setback from using MK-2866. He no longer became lethargic, and swore to occurrences of second wind, or the sudden strength to be on top performance after getting tired from a workout or physical activity. He thought that the short phase was only a transition to get used to the chemical.

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supplementsAnother user started with 10 mg on his first three weeks and noticed changes in his muscles. These, according to him, were not drastic since he only gained 3 lbs, but the quality of the chemical was very good in that he did not feel bloated nor encountered other side effects such as vision problems. He continued using it after that and increased the dosage to 15 mg on the fourth week. He gained another 2 lbs and did not again experience adverse side effects. There was no increase or decrease in libido, and he did not see changes in his testes. It was not just hype for him, and he went on with using MK-2866. On his fifth week, he increased the dosage to 20 mg, and during this time he gained another 2 lbs. He realized that the effect of using 15 mg was the same as in 20 mg, except for a few times that he had blurry vision and palpitation. Nonetheless, these effects were attributed to the dosage and the user decided to just lower it. In addition, he commended the chemical and felt that MK-2866 was a good post-cycle therapy (PCT) aid.

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The third user reiterated that he barely experienced side effects. In fact, according to him, the latter was more tolerable and had a really low occurrence of adverse side effects. GTx has already finished with Phase II and he believed that the clinical trials on humans produced favorable results.

The fourth user thought that MK-2866 was definitely effective. Because of its weak androgenic component, the androgenic side effects were basically non-existent. He found it suitable to: 1) women who want to add muscle tissue faster without compromising their femininity; 2) men who want to avoid traditional anabolic steroids but still want to accelerate the muscle building process; and 3) those in-between cycles, but not during PCT itself.

The fifth user tried MK-2866 to further rehabilitate his left leg from an accident. Since he heard that it acts almost exclusively on skeletal muscle with little or no suppression he joined the other users of this chemical. After one day, he did not feel anything bad and could not wait for the long-term effect to kick in.
Lastly, this user did an eight-week cycle with MK-2866. His dosage was: 1) 12.5 mg from Weeks 1-3; 2) 25 mg from Weeks 4-6; 3) 12.5 mg on Week 7; and 4) 6-3mg on Week 8. He observed that his strength increased dramatically and his mood was amazing. He praised the chemical for letting him gain impressively – he actually gained 6 lbs of pure muscle. A little aggression and moments of “eye floaters” were not a surprise to him, but these was nothing compared to the positive outcome of his cycle.

There are many feed backs on MK-2866 that noted various results due to the users’ different body types.  Nevertheless, they thought highly of the chemical and did not mind continuing with the use. They felt that this was the safer choice – as they pointed out, MK-2866 gave off lesser unfavorable effects.
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